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Fitness & Sushi

Feb 28, 2021

🟡 Both Diet Culture and Body Positivity have their extremes.

Don’t get me wrong… a lot of good has come out of both communities, such as nutritional awareness and fitness communities from Diet Culture, and body acceptance and self-care from the Body Positivity movement.

But unfortunately, both can take their...

Feb 21, 2021

In this episode you'll learn...

🔶 Why food and dieting tend to be distractions from other issues in your life

🔶 How to know if you’re meeting a need or creating a distraction from it

🔶 The common needs we attempt to meet with food but shouldn’t

🔶 How to know if your coping strategy is creating...

Feb 7, 2021

🟡 The key to being consistent with exercise for life is to understand that it isn’t the exercise itself you enjoy - it’s just the vehicle for creating an atmosphere or state that brings you joy.
If you don’t enjoy the means you won’t experience the ends. In other words, if you...