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Fitness & Sushi

Dec 20, 2020

🟡 It’s not unusual to overshoot food freedom. In fact, it’s usually a required part of the process for getting there.

I’ve watched so many people try to get out of the food prison they’re in and get to a place of food freedom. And it’s been interesting to watch a pattern take place.

Think of your food freedom journey like a pendulum. On one side you have food prison, and on the other side you have food free-for-all. And right in the middle you have food freedom.

You start in food prison where you have all kinds of food rules, obsessions, and trust issues around food.

To overcome these issues you implement permission-based eating. You start saying yes to all the things you previously said you couldn’t have.

What happens though is you say yes too much to the point that you don’t feel your best. At that point you’re in food free-for-all mode.

But it’s from this place that you make the empowering decision to want more for yourself. So you start setting some healthy boundaries around food and move closer to the middle of the pendulum where food freedom exists.

This process can be scary to navigate, so Deanna and I recorded an entire episode about in on our podcast.

In episode 85 of Fitness & Sushi, we’re going to completely break down the food freedom process so you know what to expect and can feel confident that you’re on the right track.

In this episode - “How to Handle Overshooting Food Freedom”, you'll learn...

🔶 How the process of food freedom actually plays out

🔶 Why overshooting might be a necessary part of the process

🔶 What to do when you feel like you took food freedom too far

🔶 How to get from a place of I can’t or shouldn’t eat that, to a place of I want or don’t want that

🔶 How healthy boundaries around food fit into this process

🔶 How Deanna loves a flaming pile of epiphanies

…and much more!

So check the episode out. If you like it be sure to subscribe to the show and give it a 5 star rating and review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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