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Fitness & Sushi

May 19, 2022

It’s a spectacular 2 weeks of every year.⁣

Walking my neighborhood each day I get to experience the blooming of all the Bradford Pear trees.⁣

Those are the trees you see early spring that go through an amazing transformation when they get completely covered in a mass of white flower blooms.⁣

I love it. It makes me happy to experience them. Change is in the air.⁣

Until it all comes to an end.⁣

The transformation dies out.⁣

The flowers drop.⁣

And the trees goes back to their normal selves the next 11 months of the year.⁣

Don’t be a tree.⁣

Stop repeating the same old diet culture strategies that lead to unsustainable short-term changes.⁣

It might feel good to lose a little weight using the typical “eat less, move more” advice. But it rarely lasts.⁣

You spend the next 11 months in no-man’s land.⁣

Transformation is not an on/off switch. It’s a more gradual process.⁣

The blooms continue to grow - for life.⁣

You never return to your past self.⁣

So break out of the cycle. Stop following the same repackaged diet culture strategies.⁣

Don’t be a tree.⁣


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