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Fitness & Sushi

Dec 27, 2020

🟡 Weight loss doesn’t have to be a taboo topic for those of us who reject diet culture and support body positivity.

When approached the right way, weight loss becomes a natural side effect of improved relationships with food, body, exercise, and mind.

The problem is many people see weight loss as their savior...

Dec 20, 2020

🟡 It’s not unusual to overshoot food freedom. In fact, it’s usually a required part of the process for getting there.

I’ve watched so many people try to get out of the food prison they’re in and get to a place of food freedom. And it’s been interesting to watch a pattern take place.

Think of your food...

Dec 6, 2020

🟡 Hating your body never changes it in the long term. In fact, body hate is one of the single greatest obstacles to transformation.
I hated my body for more than a decade. The only thing that accomplished was sporadic periods of leanness shrouded in body insecurity and a small life...

Nov 29, 2020

In this episode you'll learn...

The common causes behind wanting to give up

Why you’ve likely been approaching motivation the wrong way

The essential mindset shifts you need for a lifetime of motivation

How to redefine what motivation really is and what it feels like

The big problem with most...

Nov 22, 2020

🟡 There’s more to permission-based eating than just saying yes to all the foods you want to eat.
I see it all the time. People give themselves permission to eat foods they’ve placed off limits, so they go to the store and buy the food, but then they end up eating way more of it than...