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Fitness & Sushi

Jun 29, 2021

If you've ever tried to adopt a new healthy habit that ended up falling apart within a couple of weeks, you're not alone.

You probably thought this was a character flaw but this couldn't be further from the truth.

In reality, a very real formula is already in place with your habits, you just need to understand them and...

Jun 24, 2021

A member of our Built Daily Elite community said - “if these professionals in charge of teaching me how to feel better about myself can't feel ok about themselves then why am I bothering?!?”


I thought it was a good question and concern of hers and thought it would make a great podcast episode.

Jun 22, 2021

Do you think about either food or your body more than half the time? If so, you're not alone - this is a common but not normal artifact of diet culture.

On today's solo episode of the podcast, Deanna answers the question "Why do I think about food and my body so much?" so that you can understand what traps lead to this...

Jun 20, 2021

🟡 It can be difficult to explain your Ideal Body journey to people who have only ever known diet culture.


The idea that losing weight isn’t the primary goal for someone who is working on healing their relationships with food, body, exercise, and mind, can be hard to understand for...

Jun 17, 2021

Calorie budgets are not what determine how much you eat. Your food intake is influenced on a much more subconscious level.


By understanding the biggest driver of what, when, how much, and why you eat, you can start turning short-term progress into long-term changes.


In today’s solo...