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Fitness & Sushi

Feb 28, 2021

🟡 Both Diet Culture and Body Positivity have their extremes.

Don’t get me wrong… a lot of good has come out of both communities, such as nutritional awareness and fitness communities from Diet Culture, and body acceptance and self-care from the Body Positivity movement.

But unfortunately, both can take their philosophies too far - pushing open-minded people away, and keeping them from finding a health and fitness “home” they can relate to.

Here’s the good news… there is a happy medium that takes the best of both worlds while dismissing the extremes, and we call it The NEW Ideal Body.

In episode 93 of Fitness & Sushi, Deanna and I break down the good and bad of both communities and help you find a new home that respects your need for body and goal autonomy while ensuring the extreme ideologies don’t turn you off to the good ideas you know would improve your quality of life.

In this episode - “How to Balance the Extremes of Diet Culture and Body Positivity”, you'll learn...

🔶 Why both of these communities have their pros and cons

🔶 How to take the best of both worlds and create The NEW Ideal Body

🔶 How to redefine body acceptance so you aren’t sacrificing your goals

🔶 Why your body, health, and goals are no one’s business but your own

🔶 Why people who reject diet culture might have a hard time fitting into the body positive movement

🔶 Why Deanna thought Tony was a dud until he made her laugh

…and much more!

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