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Fitness & Sushi

Feb 18, 2024

We tend to think of losing weight and getting healthy as the same thing.

But they aren't.

In fact, the one-dimensional way most people approach weight loss tends to lead to worsening health over time.

Weight loss based behaviors are not the same things as health based behaviors. They can be, but they usually aren't when...

Feb 11, 2024

Diet Culture typically portrays your health and fitness journey in an unrealistic way.

You're expected to flip a switch - going from one lifestyle to the next and never looking back.

But anyone who has tried to undergo a big lifestyle change knows that things rarely play out that way.

The thing is, the path you...

Nov 5, 2023

Most people are engaging in surface-level weight loss strategies.

As a result, they end up getting stuck in a cycle where the strategy they're using to solve the problem is the very thing creating it in the first place.

This is yo-yo dieting, and if you're not careful, you can spend a lifetime with little to show for...

May 24, 2023

On today's solo episode, Deanna interviews special guest Allison Hare on her harrowing journey from fear of obesity to nourishing herself and her dreams.

You will learn:

  • How fear of obesity led Allison to an unhealthy obsession with food and body dysmorphia
  • How a tarot card reading began her path to healing
  • How...

Dec 18, 2022

🟡 In this episode - “5 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Improving Your Health & Fitness, you'll learn...


  • How your belief system influences your outcomes
  • Why most people are unaware of their limiting beliefs
  • How challenging your beliefs can help you overcome your struggles
  • How to determine whether your...