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Fitness & Sushi

Oct 23, 2022

🟡 In this episode - “The Most Overlooked Cause of Your Eating Struggles, you'll learn...


  • Why focusing on your eating isn’t always the best approach
  • Why your relationship with food tends to be a symptom of a different relationship
  • How you can remove resistance to healing your relationship with food
  • Why the...

Oct 16, 2022

🟡 In this episode - “3 Reasons You Can’t Control Yourself Around Food, you'll learn...


  • Why it’s not any one particular food that’s the problem
  • Why the harder you try to control yourself the less control you’ll feel
  • The physical and psychological reasons you feel out of control
  • How your relationship...

Oct 9, 2022

🟡 In this episode - “Eat Less, Move More (the right way), you'll learn...


  • Why this advice isn’t as simple as it sounds
  • Why trying to control how much you eat is an ineffective approach to take
  • What really determines how much you eat and move your body


…and much more!


So check the episode out. If you...

Oct 2, 2022

🟡 In this episode - “The 3 Biggest Reasons You’re Struggling to Lose Weight, you'll learn...


  • Why 90% of people approach things wrong from the start
  • Why you’re going to have to let go of your mental baggage
  • The litmus test you can take to predict your success
  • The biggest myth about losing weight...