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Fitness & Sushi

Nov 19, 2023

I don't think I've met a single person who didn't experience a period when they just didn't want to exercise.

They know it's good for them. They say they do enjoy it. But they're still feeling a lot of resistance.

There are many reasons this happens, and you don't necessarily need to be a participant in Diet Culture to...

Nov 12, 2023

When you're stuck in Diet Culture you don't realize just how much you think about food.

It's like there's a mental program running that's sucking up all your emotional bandwidth.

How much do I eat? Am I eating enough? I shouldn't have eaten that. I really want that. Don't eat carbs. I'm hungry. When's my next meal?...

Nov 5, 2023

Most people are engaging in surface-level weight loss strategies.

As a result, they end up getting stuck in a cycle where the strategy they're using to solve the problem is the very thing creating it in the first place.

This is yo-yo dieting, and if you're not careful, you can spend a lifetime with little to show for...